Séminaire international

The Gift in business International Research Seminar

The International Research Seminar on “Gift in Business”, organized by the “Gift at Work” Research Chair (Nantes University), looks for contributions inspired by the logics of gift-giving and gratuitousness applied to the fields of management, business ethics, organization studies, and HRM.

Some of the research questions gravitating around the gift logic are the following one:

  • In the age of technocracy, is there space for people human flourishing within the organizational context?
  • What kind of role can interpersonal relationships, creativity, and trust­–some of the outcomes of the gift-giving process–play in the companies of the future?
  • What kind of leverages can be mobilized for the future of work and organizing following a sustainable approach?

The research seminar is open both to theoretical and empirical contributions, and to the use of an interdisciplinary approach in relation to the theoretical underpinnings of the gift topic applied to the business sphere. PhD students, junior and senior scholars are invited to submit their extended abstracts (500 words) until 1 December 2023, to this mail adress : marie.bodin@univ-nantes.fr.

Scientific Committee

Guglielmo Faldetta, Kore University of Enna
Sandrine Frémeaux, Audencia Business School
Roberta Sferrazzo, Audencia Business School

Laurent Taskin, Catholic University of Louvain
Ricardo Zozimo, Nova School of Business & Economics

Organizational Committee

Marie Bodin, Employee of the Gift at Work Research Chair (University of Nantes)
Anouk Grevin, Responsible of the Gift at Work Research Chair (University of Nantes)

Lee Hye Lan, PhD Student in the Gift at Work Research Chair (University of Nantes)
Yves Renié, Internal Consultant for ENGIE, Co-responsible of the Gift at Work Research Chair (University of Nantes)

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